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Depend on Us for Transmission Replacement

If your vehicle’s transmission malfunctions, it doesn’t matter how nice your car, truck, or SUV is because it isn’t going anywhere. Or maybe you will be able to drive it, but that will be difficult, unsafe, and not easy. If you find yourself in that situation, then it’s time to contact us at East Carolina Automotive Services for a transmission replacement in Indian Trail. 

Your car’s transmission is a vital, primary part of the drive train that allows the engine’s power to be transferred to the drive wheels. It’s a crucial and major component that makes your vehicle move. 

If it’s not yet time for a replacement, but your car’s performance is telling you that it’s time for transmission repair, we can help with that too. Our skilled technicians have the experience and equipment that allows them to do all sorts of maintenance and repair jobs, including servicing transmissions. 

If the transmission isn’t the source of your automobile’s troubles, but the motor is, we also provide engine repair services. We have convenient hours so that we can keep our customers on the road. Contact our team of technicians today to book a service appointment.